Alkaline Developing Resin for White Solder Ink

kayaku  Post time:2016-04-29


Alkaline Developing Resin for White Solder Ink

From January, 2016, our company began to produce and sell the alkaline developing resin for white solder ink.

In recent years, as the light source of the backlight, and lighting wares of the LCD screens, such as the cell phone terminal, computer, TV, for the low electric power’s lighting LED, the solder mask is covered on the printing patch board and the purpose of direct installation has been increased.

The printing patch board directly installed on LED, will deteriorate the white solder ink, deepen the rendering and reduce the reflectivity with the emitted light and heat energies by the LED. Therefore, the market requires the resins to control the deterioration of the white solder ink and the one not to reduce the reflectivity even it’s rendered.

Therefore in 2012, the newly established research and development center of Kayaku Chemical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. made further development of the resins and large ink manufacturers in China also began to use the products of our company for mass production.