Hybrid OCR for touch screen use

kayaku  Post time:2016-04-29


Hybrid OCR for touch screen use

From August, 2014, we began to produce and sell Hybrid OCR (Optically Clear Resin).

In recent years, the surface abutted touch screen of the display devices, such as the LCD, organic EL display screen, have served as the display device of picture input and the utilization scope has been expanded. The touch screen display device is formed by the adhesion of touch sensor and protection board shaped by transparent electrode, and LCD moulds.

Currently the touch screen display device on the market is called OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive), which is adhered by the adhesive tapes. The advantage of this means is the convenience for adhesion operation but the disadvantage is the price is too high and in case of adhesion deviation, it cannot be re-bonding, with poor efficiency.

Kayaku Chemical has explored the way to coat the OCR UV curing resin on the touch screen and adhered on the LCD mould pieces. The advantage of this way is it’s cheap and could be adhered repeatedly, however, the disadvantages are the liquid will easily leak after resin coating, and will easily have bubbles and even display illumination.


Currently, Kayaku has combined the existing UV resin technology and adhesive technology, to form the even liquid paint film. Before adhesion, the UV radiation is applied for Pre-curing before the Main-curing. On the basis of keeping the respective advantages, it solves the problem of liquid leak, bubbles, and uneven display illumination and successfully developed the new Hybrid OCR (KSP series).

Now the touch screen display device is not only prominently growing in smart cell phone and wordpad end, the service facing the large-sized TVs has also entered people’s horizon for sales.